The 41 hard working women and men at InnPower are honoured to deliver local power that sparks the success of our community, today and tomorrow. Owned by the Town of Innisfil and a part of our community for 25 years, InnPower is a proud energy partner to the thousands of homeowners, businesses and communities we serve.

While InnPower rates have remained stable throughout 2016 and 2017, we know that hydro rates will be changing May 1, 2018. We want to keep you informed on these changes and will continue updating this page as more information becomes available.

Electricity rates are complex and can be difficult to understand. As with all utilities across Ontario, rate increases allow us to continue to deliver safe and reliable electricity to our customers. Simply put, the rate changes coming in May are the result of:

- The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) reached a decision in March of this year on our 2017 rate application that should receive final approval in April 2018. While the OEB has said the rate increase is to start in January of this year, the late approval on our application and billing logistics mean the May 2018 bill will be the first month for the new rates. This means that we will be dividing 12 months of new rates over a period of 8 months (May - December).

- Many InnPower customers benefit from the Distribution Rate Protection (DRP) that caps distribution rates. Depending upon how much hydro you use each month, the DRP may in fact help mitigate distribution rate increases.

- The OEB will announce new rate information for the commodity (energy) prices effective May 1, 2018. We do not expect to see big changes, and these changes will probably be tied to the cost of inflation as noted in the Fair Hydro Plan.

For the average residential customer, these changes will likely mean an increase of approximately $6 - $8 a month starting in May 2018. We will confirm these numbers once we have finalized rate information from the OEB.

InnPower values the opportunity to serve our community and wants to help our customers manage their energy usage as best they can. Visit our Conservation page to learn about the many programs available to help lower your energy consumption.

If you would like more detailed information about the charges on your bill, please visit our Understanding Your Bill page. After May 1, our Residential Rate Calculator will be updated to reflect all the new rates shared by the OEB.

If you have more questions about these changes, please call our customer service team at 705-431-4321. They will be happy to talk with you between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.

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