InnPower Corporation EB-2016-0085 Rate Application

STATUS UPDATE - January 22, 2018

As reported in the October 2017 Fall Newsletter, InnPower anticipated 2017 distribution rate approvals by the end of 2017. InnPower’s Cost of Service Application for 2017 rates remains with the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) pending approval. Based on recent information, it is expected a decision will be made in the first quarter of 2018. Further communications to be provided immediately following approval.

InnPower Notice of Application

InnPower Corporation has filed an application to the Ontario Energy Board for 2017 rates.

The Application has been assigned case # EB-2016-0085.

If you wish to download the application please click on the links below.

If you do not have the means to download, please contact our Customer Service department at 705-431-4321 to request a copy.

All information filed with the Ontario Energy Board can be found following the link below:

Link to OEB Web Drawer for EB-2016-0085

May 8, 2017 Amended Submission

1504883148_InnPower_EB-2016-0085_Amended Application_20170508.pdf ~2MB

November 28, 2016 Submission

1504883519_InnPower_EB-2016-0085_Exhibit 1_20161128.pdf ~ 33MB

1504883239_InnPower_EB-2016-0086_Exhibit 2_20161128.pdf ~ 31MB

1504883652_InnPower_EB-2016-0085_Exhibit 3_20161128.pdf ~ 1.5MB

1504883738_InnPower_EB-2016-0085_Exhibit 4_20161128.pdf ~ 25MB

1504883807_InnPower_EB-2016-0085_Exhibit 5_20161128.pdf ~ 1MB

1504883840_InnPower_EB-2016-0085_Exhibit 6_20161128.pdf ~1.5MB

1504883870_InnPower_EB-2016-0085_Exhibit 7_20161128.pdf ~ 4.5MB

1504883899_InnPower_EB-2016-0085_Exhibit 8_20161128.pdf ~ 3MB

1504883930_InnPower_EB-2016-0085_Exhibit 9_20161128.pdf ~ 2MB

Community Day Presentation ~ 3MB


1504892886_BdStaff_IR_InnPower_20170530.pdf < 1MB

1504892921_EB-2016-0085 SEC Interrogatories with Attachments.pdf < 1MB

1504892943_EB-2016-0085 SEC Preliminary Interrogatories 20170405.pdf < 1MB

1504892966_VECC_2ndIRQ_InnPower0085_201706013.pdf < 1MB

1504892983_VECC_IRs_InnPower0085_20170602.pdf < 1MB

Interrogatory responses from InnPower

1504893621_InnPower IRR Procedural Order 2_EB-2016-0085_20170804.pdf <1MB

InnPower Response IRR_EB-2016-0085_20170804Renamed - External link to OEB Web Site. (~120 MB)

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