InnPower Corporation EB-2016-0085 Rate Application

InnPower Notice of Application

InnPower Corporation has filed an application to the Ontario Energy Board for 2017 rates.

The Application has been assigned case # EB-2016-0085.

If you wish to download the application please click on the links below.

If you do not have the means to download, please contact our Customer Service department at 705-431-4321 to request a copy.

Link to OEB Web Drawer for EB-2016-0085

May 8, 2017 Amended Submission

1504883148_InnPower_EB-2016-0085_Amended Application_20170508.pdf ~2MB

November 28, 2016 Submission

1504883519_InnPower_EB-2016-0085_Exhibit 1_20161128.pdf ~ 33MB

1504883239_InnPower_EB-2016-0086_Exhibit 2_20161128.pdf ~ 31MB

1504883652_InnPower_EB-2016-0085_Exhibit 3_20161128.pdf ~ 1.5MB

1504883738_InnPower_EB-2016-0085_Exhibit 4_20161128.pdf ~ 25MB

1504883807_InnPower_EB-2016-0085_Exhibit 5_20161128.pdf ~ 1MB

1504883840_InnPower_EB-2016-0085_Exhibit 6_20161128.pdf ~1.5MB

1504883870_InnPower_EB-2016-0085_Exhibit 7_20161128.pdf ~ 4.5MB

1504883899_InnPower_EB-2016-0085_Exhibit 8_20161128.pdf ~ 3MB

1504883930_InnPower_EB-2016-0085_Exhibit 9_20161128.pdf ~ 2MB

Community Day Presentation ~ 3MB


1504892886_BdStaff_IR_InnPower_20170530.pdf < 1MB

1504892921_EB-2016-0085 SEC Interrogatories with Attachments.pdf < 1MB

1504892943_EB-2016-0085 SEC Preliminary Interrogatories 20170405.pdf < 1MB

1504892966_VECC_2ndIRQ_InnPower0085_201706013.pdf < 1MB

1504892983_VECC_IRs_InnPower0085_20170602.pdf < 1MB

Interrogatory responses from InnPower

1504893621_InnPower IRR Procedural Order 2_EB-2016-0085_20170804.pdf <1MB

InnPower Response IRR_EB-2016-0085_20170804Renamed - External link to OEB Web Site. (~120 MB)

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