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LED Light Bulb Coupons

For recessed or pot lighting, consider LEDs. They last up to 30x longer than incandescent bulbs and provide focused lighting.

LED bulbs are high quality, reliable, and long lasting.They can be used to replace an incandescent, Halogen, or CFL Bulb.

ENERGY STAR Certified General LEDs - $3 Coupon

  • A19 LED Bulbs; must be ENERGY STAR certified.

ENERGY STAR Certified Specialty LEDs - $5 Coupon

  • LEDs that are covered, tri-light, chandelier, spotlight, floodlight, or decorative; any type except general LED; must be ENERGY STAR certified.

ENERGY STAR Certified LED Multipack - $8 Coupon

  • General or specialty LED bulbs; must be ENERGY STAR certified.

CFL Light Bulb Coupons

Save up to $25 a year by replacing 5 standard (60W) incandescent light bulbs with 13W ENERGY STAR® qualified CFL bulbs.

ENERGY STAR Certified Specialty CFLs (Single or double pack) - $3 Coupon

ENERGY STAR Certified Specialty CFLs (Multipack of 3 or more) - $5 Coupon

  • CFLs that are covered, decorative, dimmable, floodlight, spotlight, globe, candelabra, tri-light, etc.; anytype except standard CFL; must be ENERGY STAR certified.

Light Fixture Coupons

ENERGY STAR® qualified indoor light fixtures use one quarter the electricity of standard fixtures.

ENERGY STAR® qualified light fixtures distribute light more efficiently and evenly than standard fixtures.

ENERGY STAR Certified Light Fixtures (1 or 2 sockets) - $8 Coupon

ENERGY STAR Certified Light Fixtures (3 or more sockets) - $15 Coupon

  • Indoor, hard wired; must be ENERGY STAR certified

Lighting Control Product Coupons

Turning down the light level can save electricity and extend the life of light bulbs.

Motion sensors are ideal for rooms where you may forget to turn off the lights (like kids’ play rooms) or places around the home where lights don’t need to be on all the time.

Lighting Controls - Indoor Motion Sensors, Dimmer Switches, Timers (Single packs) - $3 Coupon

Lighting Controls - Indoor Motion Sensors, Dimmer Switches, Timers (Multipacks of 2 or more) - $6 Coupon

Ceiling Fans Coupons

A ceiling fan only requires 10% of the electricity needed to run compared to a window air conditioner.

ENERGY STAR Certified Ceiling Fans - $10 Coupon

  • Indoor, hard wired; fans may be those with or without light sockets; must be ENERGY STAR certified.

Weather Stripping Coupons

Weatherstripping helps reduce drafts in the home.

Weatherstripping can help you keep comfortable at home by ensuring temperatures around doors and windows are consistent.

Weatherstripping (Foam or v-strip) - $2 Coupon

Weatherstripping (Door frame kits) - $3 Coupon

Electric Water Heater Insulation Blanket Coupons

You can maximize your savings by wrapping your electric water heater with an insulated blanket and reduce energy loss by up to 30%. (Note: not for use on gas water heaters).

Insulation Blanket for Electric Water Heaters
- $4 Coupon

Outdoor Timers Coupons

You could save up to $75 a year on above-ground pool or hot tub costs with a heavy-duty outdoor timer.
Note: Pools and hot tubs are the second highest users of electricity in the summer (after air conditioners).

Heavy Duty Outdoor Timers - $4 Coupon

Smart Power Bar Coupons

Power bars with timers allow you to automatically turn off electronics and appliances during the time of day they are less likely to be used.
Power bars with auto-shutoff can detect when electronics go into sleep mode. When detected, the power bar will shut down power to designated plugged-in devices like DVD players, gaming consoles, and printers.

Advanced Power Bars - $4 Coupon

Clothesline/Clothesline Kits/Clothes Umbrella Stand Coupons

Install an outdoor clothesline to help you save electricity in the summer months.

Clotheslines, Kits, and Umbrellas - $10 Coupon

Baseboard Programmable Thermostats Coupons

Properly set thermostats on electric baseboard heaters can reduce heating costs by up to 10%.

Thermostats allow for customization of temperatures.

Baseboard Programmable Thermostats (1-2 packs) - $10 Coupon

Baseboard Programmable Thermostats (Multipacks of 3 or more) - $30 Coupon

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